One-on-one Anki
Master Class

Teach Me Anki is designed to get you comfortable using Anki in 90 minutes or less.  We offer a one-on-one interactive session where an Anki expert will walk you through all aspects of Anki step-by-step.  We will even work with you to develop a personalized Anki study plan that you can use throughout your entire medical school or physician assistant education.  

Master Anki in 90 minutes!

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If you are tired of watching hours of confusing online Anki tutorials, you're not alone.  We created a simple step-by-step plan that will teach you how to use Anki in 90 minutes guaranteed.

Proven Approach

Our system of using Anki in medical school has been proven at being effective for acing your exams and avoiding flashcard overload

Smooth Transition

Don't sacrifice any more precious study time trying to learn how to use Anki by yourself.  We will get you comfortable using Anki in 90 minutes, guaranteed!

Learn by Doing

Teach Me Anki is not another online tutorial.  In this masterclass, you are in the captain's seat, and our experts will guide you through every step of the way.

Continued Support

Your Anki expert will never leave you hanging.  We offer continued support for any questions you have after your master class.

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Learn how to best use the pre-made Anki deck of your choice

Get one-on-one coaching from an experienced teacher

Feel prepared and confident about using Anki to ace your exams

Learn to create the highest quality flashcards

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Step 1 - Click "Get Started" to schedule a session with your Anki expert

Step 2 - Your Anki expert will meet with you one-on-one and walk you through how to use Anki step-by-step while answering all of your questions

Step 3 -Your Anki expert will work with you to develop a plan for integrating Anki into your medical school study strategy

How It Works

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