The Full Story


We have been in your shoes.  Many of us struggled with using Anki and knowing how to integrate it into our studying.  Becoming comfortable with creating, organizing, and managing flashcards took weeks and hours away from precious study time.  However, after becoming comfortable with Anki, we saw our test scores dramatically increase from ~70-80% correct to over 90% correct on most exams. This made us realize the power of using Anki during medical school.


Over the first two years of medical school, we developed a standard approach to using Anki which optimizes productivity and avoids time-wasting.  We developed a method for creating, organizing, and reviewing flashcards in a way that maximized study time and integrated active studying with ease.  


During medical school, we watched many medical students try Anki for a time but ultimately give up because of the complexity of the software.  For this reason, we are sharing our highly effective step-by-step method for how to integrate Anki seamlessly into your studying schedule.  Our course was developed over years of experience and is designed to teach you to take your studying to the next step in 90 minutes.