Frequently asked questions

Can my Anki expert help me set up a pre-made deck?

Yes! We can help you get set up with the pre-made deck of your choice. Not only that, we will offer a simple system you can use throughout medical school for using a pre-made deck in the most effective way possible.

If I already know how to use Anki, will the master class still be beneficial?

Yes! Students who know how to navigate Anki can still benefit from the master class in several ways. Your Anki expert will work with you to develop a plan for integrating Anki seamlessly into your study regimen. You will also learn how to create high-quality flashcards and common mistakes to avoid.

What video conference system do you use?

We prefer to use either Zoom or Google Meet.

What if I still need help after my first 90 minute session?

Our 90-minute session is designed to teach you everything you need to know to use Anki as effectively as possible. If you would like more time with an Anki expert, we can certainly schedule more sessions after the initial one.